Light On A Hill (Mrs. Leah Morales of Sitio Tangan-tangan, Brgy. Maamot, San Jose, Tarlac)

A woman in her late 30s, known to MAP and its missionary workers for about 6 years now, from the humble Abellen Ayta tribe of Western Tarlac, is Leah Morales. She’s a very notable person, with curious knowing eyes, ever flourishing smile, and a busy body like no other among the Abellens. (more…)

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Cross over: Through the Mountains and Raging River to Reach the Valley of Hope.

Paul, Ira, Zoe, Nates, Chela, and Alice on the way to Sitio Tangan-tangan

When MAP team  ( Paul, Ira, Zoe their daughter, Chela, Nathan and I) were trekking  the Sierra Madre Mountains going to the Aeta village in Tangan-tangan, the Lord impressed this passage to my heart:  King David said,  “I will not offer anything that cost me nothing”.   I was reflecting   my time with mission- wow it’s been 35 years now that I have been serving full-time with MAP.  (more…)

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OVERFLOW 2015: A Christmas Gift-giving to the Tribes

Mission Accomplished!
We thank God for all those individuals, churches, and organizations that supported and prayed for our Christmas gift-giving to the tribes called “Overflow”. Indeed your generous hearts and hands were able to reach out many tribal families in Northern and Southern Luzon.
After a series of preparations and meetings all of our efforts were rewarded with abundant blessings from our generous God- the maker of heaven and earth whose blessings always overflows.

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