A donation drive to fund 1 million washable face masks for the vulnerable communities in NCR and other regions in the Philippines. We’d like to help protect the masses and stop the spread of COVID-19 by providing 1 washable mask for everyone in these vulnerable communities.

Our objectives:

  • Prevent the spread of COVID-19 especially in the most vulnerable communities in urban poor and ethnic rural areas
  • Shorten the quarantine period
  • Flatten the curve
  • Help generate income through local production of washable face masks
  • Promote sustainable health practices

Our goals:

1. To raise Php 10 Million for the production of 1 million washable face masks. Each mask costs Php 10.

2. To provide health education – Each mask will contain infographics about COVID-19 facts, health teaching of proper hygiene in Filipino, and encouraging passages.

3. To help in livelihood of tailors through local and sustainable production of masks

4. To partner with LGUs, NGOs, churches, and concerned individuals for the production and distribution of masks.

We are also accepting donations for the mask production
1. Waterproof and breathable fabric i.e microfiber, taffeta, non-woven cloth
2. Elastics/ garters
3. Sewing thread

For cash donations:
Account Name: Medical Ambassadors Phil. Inc.

China bank Peso Savings Account: 105-004024-2


PAYPAL: paypal.me/medambassadors

Thank you very much for your support! Let’s #fightcovid altogether!

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