Field Visit & Short Term Missions Preventive Healthcare Tips

Field Visit & Short Term Missions Preventive Healthcare Tips

There’s no need for panic. Instead, be informed.

Keep yourself healthy.
65 years old and above with other illnesses are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. Or you may secure any health clearances from your doctor.

If with any infectious illness at the time being, stay at home, and see your doctor, wear protective masks and know how to use it, sanitize as well, and get well/medications.

COVID 19 or and any flu-like, or viral illnesses, are seasonal with occasional outbreaks or becomes epidemic/endemic, know your local guidelines, and if planning to join any mission or field visits, keep yourself healthy, and be equipped of hand washing/sanitizing measures. You may bring masks, knowing too how to use it.

Any travel ban would be considered as to not proceeding with certain planned mission trips, do await updates of rescheduling. Know the guidelines too of your airlines.

We would also try to avoid any areas with disease outbreaks, would it be our field of interest/mission field. Not unless the team intended or is sent as responders to these emergencies et al.

We as followers of Christ, trust that He is in control and that our future is secure in Him, that is the glorious future that awaits us when He comes again to rule for eternity, which we hope casts that fear off of our weary hearts.

Here are some guidelines from the World Health Organization

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