Crossing Cultures

Praise God for the Primary Health Care training done in Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan Sabah Malaysia and visit to Taganak Island for a ministry opportunity.

Kota Kinabalu:
*PHC training hosted by City Church (SIB)
*Visited some kampongs- did medical check ups and health teaching among mothers and children

*CHE training
*Herbal medicine lecture
*Herbal ointment making
*Kampong visits- did medical check up and health teaching among kids.

Taganak Island:
We were invited to visit the island and see how God will speak to us for the ministry opportunity in partnership with City Church. We were also able to conduct herbal ointment making, herbal syrup making, and medical check up among the locals. 

by: Chela Mequila

Where there is no access to health care, we can help prevent illnesses by teaching and equipping the church to reach the unreached both physically and spiritually.  Jesus healed, Jesus taught His disciples and Jesus forgave sin. (Dr. Pre Melad)

Photos by: Virma Simonette

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