EVP Report, January 2018-March 2019

Praise God for our faithful partner churches, individuals, like-minded groups, Medical Missions Philippines–USA, and members of the Board of Trustees (Philippines and USA). They have been praying earnestly and sharing their resources to meet the financial needs of the ministry and God’s workers.

Praise God for my co-workers. Their passion and love in serving the Lord is so encouraging and inspiring. Oftentimes, we are greatly challenged in support-raising from friends and partners, yet we continue to prevail. The words of James Hudson Taylor, first OMF missionary to China, always encourages us with his tagline, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” 

Praise God for 7,558 people (children and adults) whom MAP have served through basic health services, medical, surgical and dental interventions, health education, evangelism, bible studies, vacation values formation, mental health lectures and global missions awareness through mobilization and partnership development. The Gospel of salvation was heard by 6,565 people. 2,749 received Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Fifteen home Bible studies are ongoing in the areas where MAP is serving. In 2018, our Jehovah Jireh provided the ministry PhP3,953,151.13 (PhP523.00/ person we have served). This year (2019), we are proposing a budget of PhP5.3M. Join us to pray for this amount to cover the entire ministry.

I.  Report and Updates from the field:

1.  Singawan Primary Health Care(PHC)/ Church Health Education(CHE) and Church Planting Movement – Singawan, Aurora Province

The 5 FHWs (Family Health Workers) were absorbed by the Barangay Council. Each FHW is in charged of 10-15 families, monitoring their health status through home visits, health teaching and simple curative services.

A community health committee was formed to oversee the functioning of the FHWs, and to formulate health policies for community health management. The health committee initiated the “Hukay sa Bawa’t Bahay” Project and the “Healthy Home Award for Vegetable Garden” Project.

The good news is that a home bible study was established among the 11 parents of children who received TB treatment and are now fully recovered.

The “Balaro” (Bibliya at Laro or Bible and Play) continues with 30 children regularly coming to Singawan multi-purpose center for Bible stories, values formation and play (painting /drawing).      

An adult literacy class for 6 Dumagat mothers continues, led by active FHW Diane. They can  now read and write their names.

2.  Bangon CHE/Church Planting Movement Project – Mindoro

Of the 90 children who underwent PPD TB screening, 25 children were positive with TB. The Dept. of Health in Bongabong provided the TB medicines. Today, 9 Bangon children and 3 adults are receiving the TB medication. Daily feeding is done for least 100 children and their families with Manna pack from Kids’ Home.

Lately, because the river in Sitio Mungus turned dry, the villagers have to walk at least 200 meters just to fetch water. The villagers tapped a temporary water line to aid 30 households down the river. Another nearby village allowed the sitio to use one of their water sources for a limited time of 4 months. The community people helped in installing the water line and some kids helped dig the lines to the ground. They enjoyed the new water line and now aspire to have their own water system in the future.

The Global Recording Network has the heart and passion to bring the gospel to every tribe of the world in their mother language. They will do translation and recording work in Sitio Mungos among the Buhid, Baribe and Bangon tribe. We can use their recordings for evangelism and other ministry opportunities (Banas Paul, 2018).

3.   Unreached/least reached CHE/Church Planting Movement

      3.1  Balabac, Palawan

MAP is adopting an indigenous people group in Balabac, Palawan called the Molbog Muslim Tribe. Balabac is located at the southern tip of Palawan. It can be reached after a 4-hour ride by public transportation first to Rio Tuba, and then a 4-5 hour boat ride.

The Molbog is one of the 13 Muslim cultural minorities, a people group believed to have been migrants from North Borneo. This group is also known as Malebugan or Molebuganon. The Molbog’s language has some similarity with Sama, Tausog and Palawano. Their Islamic practices include animistic sacrifices. Their livelihood includes subsistence farming, fishing and occasional barter trading with the Sulu and nearby Sabah market centers.

MAP team met a person of peace, John*, from one of the remotest islands called Silom-Silom, about two hours boat ride from the mainland.

The main problem in the island is environmental health and sanitation. Majority of the houses have no sanitary toilets and no potable water, causing problems of skin diseases. Zero immunization has resulted in fetal and newborn death. Lack of prenatal care causes maternal death.

On May 21-30, MAP team with a group of volunteer doctors, dentist, and other non-health professionals will visit Silom-Silom Island. Activities will be focused on environmental health and sanitation, health education and medical check ups. The Word of God will be shared through stories and the Jesus’ film.

 3.2    Sabah, Malaysia

Health Care Training program was started. 28 Tausug Kampong attended the training in Kota Kinabalu and 39 Filipino Christian workers in Sendakan. The good news is, the Filipino Muslims are attending a Filipino worship gathering and they are being saved through Christ ‘s grace.

On April 29-May 8,2019, MAP JABEZ/CBAP IMMERGENCE team with volunteer doctors, pastors, and Pastor Ronald Macam will conduct an evaluation of the training done last year. They will introduce the CHE training for Filipino Christian workers, community adult health education, children value formation, self-care program and do medical check-ups.

II.   CB/FC (Church-Based/Faith Community) HELP Training Program

1.     Faith Home, Maesot, Thailand

A total of 16 attended the training: 7 Filipinos, 5 Burmese, 3 Australians, and 1 Canadian. However, only 11 were able to complete the 4-day class. A Basic First Aid and CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) class was also conducted to 40 students (Grades 5-7) at ELPIS elementary school. Twenty-six (26) girls (aged 10- 19) at Faith Home received their annual physical examination. Hand washing and Bible stories were also taught to about a hundred children (aged 5-10). MAP team facilitated a “mini spiritual retreat” to the missionaries of Faith Home.

Recommendation: Requested for another training for teachers and students in primary health care.

2.     Aguinaldo, Ifugao – Hilgendorf Medical Clinic (HMC)

At present there are 25 Bible-believing churches in Aguinaldo, Ifugao. For two years, MAP is facilitating the churches to engage in global mission through the Kairos training. Trained 8 churches with 20 trainees. Other seminars conducted: Values Formation on Teen-Age Pregnancy, Mental Health, and Sunday School Teachers’ training.

The good news is that the Friends of MAP Education Assistance for students in secondary school has been established here. Right now, we have 5 scholars with their transportation, dorm, and food expenses covered.

4.      A CB-HELP Impact Evaluation Study

This will be  conducted to determine the impact of the training program in the church as a mission strategy and its relevance in meeting the holistic need of communities that MAP serves. These are located in Metro Manila, Ilocos Sur, Aguinaldo-Ifugao, Eastern Samar, Mindoro, and Mindanao.

III. Mobilization and Partnership Development

We thank God for 35 churches, 58 individuals, 17 organizations, 23 medical doctors, 9 dentists, 13 nurses, and 9 others ( varied profession) who prayed, shared finances, volunteered (self-supporting) and 17 groups/individuals gave in kind donations.  Here are potential partners who will support some of the current projects and future program of MAP.

1) Churches of God our Savior Jesus Christ Grace Ministry, in Bohol, UMCs in Ilocos Sur and San Nicolas Pangasinan –They will have a CB-HELP training program this year.

2) Convoy of Hope Philippines – Their main ministry is focused on children and women’s health and development in indigenous communities.

3) One Child Matters– This is an international aid group helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of the children living in poverty. Since we have started the Friends of MAP Support-a-Child-to-School, we can study a possible partnership with them. Application documents were sent to us by a former OS volunteer involved in Children’s ministry,

4). Touch Asia Potential Inc.  – They made a commitment to support our ministry among the Muslims starting in March.

5)  Sola Gratia – They assisted us in supplying potable drinking water through Bio sand filtration in Singawan, Aurora Province. Hopefully we can do the same in Mindoro for the Bangon community.

6)  Jars International, USA -They will assist the CB-HELP program in Odiongan, Romblon.

7)  Extreme Response International – They will fund the PHC Training Program to start in May at the Muslim Community in Arenda, Taguig.

8) Global Recording Network– They translate Bible Stories into different languages in the world. They started with Bangon/Buhid tribe.

9) Ministry Mission Philippines– A resource center for Pre-school Education and Kidpreneur Program

10. Mission to Heal, USA–   We partnered with this group through mobile surgical mission in Mindoro Oriental,  Marinduque,  and  Ifugao.  

I believe the Lord’s mission in MAP is continuously flourishing and advancing. With these potential partners in our  ministry, we can expand and reach more remote areas to serve. MAP staff and volunteers continue to sit down together, discuss and pray, ask God for wisdom and guidance for the appropriate priority action plans we need to take for this year.

IV. MAP Continuing Professional Development

Thank God for His provisions and partners we were able to attend the following trainings/conference and retreat.

     1.  Basic Spiritual Care Training- Nurses Christian Fellowship, (NCF) Phil

    2.  Staff Training in CDE- Community Development Evangelism training-Care Channels, Cross Cultural Lectures ( Dr. Ronald Macam)

     3.  Pacific East Asia (PACEA-NCF ) Conference-  Taiwan

     4.  Asia Frontiers Mission Conference- Bangkok, Thailand

     5.  Discipleship Seminar c/o Lakan-Hei International Ministries Organization Inc.

     6. Strategic Planning (Appreciative Inquiry) – ATS Director & wife Mr. Erickson and Mrs. Dot Velardo

     7.  Spiritual Retreat and Self Care- Baguio City

     8.  CCF Intentional Discipleship Conference

     9.  Post Graduate Studies- Oliver Yanos, MAEd; Alicia Banas,  EdD 

V. Current Staff, Volunteers and Board of Trustees

Fulltime:  Alicia Banas, Dada Tiongco, Teresita Calupig, Oliver Yanos, Paul Banas, Chela Mequila, Criselda Terre, Selbert and Dahlia Astrera, Marisa Castro.

Regular Doctors: Dr. Francis Daytec, Dr. Eliseo Garcia,  Dr. Precious Melad, Dr. Tiffany Calupig; Dentists- Dr. Agnes Lopez, Dr. Liza Basco, Dr. Ana Miclat

Board of Trustees/Volunteers:  Dr. Eliseo Garcia, Arch. Rene Bajit, Atty. Amor Perdigon, Mrs. Ivanna dela Pena, Mrs. Jocelyn Solis, Mrs. Jeannette Lingas, Rev. Ronald Macam, Rev. Willy Cheng, Dr.Pete Banas

Communications and Marketing:  Belle Villanueva, Asheri Ira Banas

Would you join us to pray for the following prayer points:

1.  For the missionary workers, staff, officers, and board of trustees: love, faith, joy, strength, unity, and wisdom in implementing the programs and activities for 2019.

2.  For our partners and supporters in the Philippines and abroad- their continuous blessings, love, and joy to pray, support, and share their financial blessings for the ministry and workers.

3.  For the missionary workers and staff to grow deeper in their passion to love and serve Christ, and demonstrate overflowing love, compassion and commitment to serve.

4.  For in-house continuing professional development training on the last quarter of 2019- on leadership, creative teaching, evaluation, and monitoring approaches,  and documentation/communication/reporting system.

As I end this report, may this passage in Psalm 100 encourage us to continue declaring the Lord’s goodness, steadfast love and faithfulness to MAP throughout the year. 

“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!Serve the Lord with gladness. Come into his presence with singing. Know that the Lord, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations…”  

(Psalm 100 ESV)



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