What is Missions Mobilization?

Missions Mobilization means to educate, challenge, and inspire the body of Christ to reach the unreached and save the unsaved. It is a movement to stir up the church to catch God’s passion for all peoples to worship Him.

Some mobilizers do it in a classroom, some in churches, or anywhere you can gather people to listen. Mobilizations can take 1 day or 3 days or even can take up for months or a year. But in reality all mobilization efforts will be put into waste if it will not reach the target people group or community to be reached. It may result as a ‘feel good’ achievement but that is not the real key of missions mobilization nor the objective of missions.

Missions is like a two-edged sword. It is meant to bring real transformation in the lives of those who do it and those whom they reach.

What matters most is real transformation does not happen in a training session, classroom, or even inside churches. But transformation happens when the Gospel reaches the hands of those who really needed it.

by: Paul Bañas,
Missions Mobilizer

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