Ministering in Mae Sot, Thailand

Last January 16-24, 2018, Medical Ambassadors Philippines, Inc. through the partnership of First Baptist Church of Vallejo USA, as a result of an ocular visit last 2017 to Faith Home in Mae sot, Thailand, held a Primary Health Care and Emergency First Response Training among the workers and missionaries here and their other partner NGOs/individuals. A total of 16 attended the training; comprised of 7 Filipinos, 5 Burmese, 3 Australians, and 1 Canadian, however only 11 were able to complete the 4 day class.
Becoming friends/partners with this existing ministry in Mae Sot is a great victory for the Lord and we hope this continues. The team in Mae sot gave positive feedback and expressed the relevance of such a training, as to how these health topics and issues are present in the community and amongst those they minister to. They said it was their first time to receive comprehensive sessions of various topics on diseases, prevention, and primary/home management. It was novel as well that these can be used as a means to show and share compassion to those they are reaching out around them. We are praying too to join hands with more ministries at the/near borders and to where Christ haven’t been heard yet.
Here is a short video clip of the training in Mae Sot
[wpvideo Lxvem6f7]
Words and Video by: Precious Melad, MD

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