BALARO (Biblia at Laro)

Biblia at Laro (Bible and Games) or BALARO as we call it, started in the field of Sitio Singawan, the year 2011. It was conceptualized by our former MAP nurse, Em Jimena, who passionately ministered to the kids.

Every day, as early as 7 in the morning, we would hear the kids stopping by at our clinic before heading on to school. Some kids who were not schooling yet, stayed in the clinic playing all sorts of games. So Nurse Em had an idea to make a program for kids teaching them new games and the Bible at the same time. That’s how BALARO came to be. Not only the kids had fun, but they slowly learn about God through Bible stories.

One of the products of BALARO is Rochelle, an 8-year old kid from Singawan. Being the 4th child of the 8 children of her parents, she is the one attending to her younger siblings whenever their parents are busy working in the field. When she has nothing to do at home, she visits the multi-purpose center to play and read books. She learned how to pray and read the Bible through BALARO. Eventually, Rochelle loved memorizing bible verses and has been using her gift of singing for the Lord in Jesus Christ Christian Church of Singawan.
BALARO ministry is now being replicated among our communities. We have seen how this program has helped the kids grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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