By God’s grace, we aim to see God-honoring transformed communities in the Philippines and other developing countries
Empower faith-based communities by training and equipping on primary health care, community organizing, and cross-cultural missions.
To see churches and organizations that follow Christ’s mandate, establishing effective health ministries and evangelism to the poor, vulnerable and among least reached people group in their target communities.

We are God-centered, having personal relationship with Jesus Christ and acknowledging God as our Sovereign Lord and Master;
We are Bible-based. The teachings reflect eternal values, based on the Word of God that transforms lives with lasting effects;
We provide holistic ministry. We attend to people and their needs as in integration of body, soul, and spirit.
We are compassionate, with deep concern for people’s well-being;
We are committed, as trustworthy workers doing the tasks required even beyond call of duty;
We are competent– we deliver knowledge, skills, and practice with excellence and confidence through training and teaching, and
We are culture-sensitive, using contextualized approach according to the people’s culture and level of understanding.
We value IntegrityPracticing trustworthiness in all aspects.
We are a loving community that cares, respect and values one another

We in MAP will continue to strive toward doing authentic medical missionary work that is holistic in approach and meet the needs of the individual and the community, just as Jesus did. More and more we feel that medical missionary work must be church-based, serving community. Every program and activity must be closely related to the local church; recipients must be directed to it. The community should see the good that the work does as coming from the Lord and His body, the church.


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