Church Based-Health Education for Lay People

CB-HELP, short for Church Based-Health Education for Lay People is  MAP’s program for equipping churches in Primary Health Care.
Believing that:

  • the churches can play a very important role in the improvement of people’s health (Matthew 25:37-40),
  • the responsibility of the wholistic ministry of healing the soul and body falls on the church as seen in the life and ministry of Jesus (Matthew 4:23, Luke 9:6),
  • this was the way Jesus demonstrated God’s love and care for the people to whom He ministered (Mark 1:41, Matthew 20:34, Matthew 9:35 & 36)
  • this is very much a part of the great commission given by Christ (Matthew 28:20, John 20:21, Luke 4:18, Isaiah 61:1)

MAP is offering to be a partner of the local churches in training lay people as health service providers for their communities.

Lay Pastors demonstrating Basic Life Support
Church members practicing CPR and First Aid.

HELP will be a church based project, prayed for and supported by the local church with policies and governance to be decided by the local church. HELP will be culture sensitive– applicable to churches in urban, rural, or tribal areas, considering cultural idiosyncrasies. The program will usher the attention of the local church to a community-wide application for its health promotive program with the end in view of shifting community health behavior towards wholesome health practices. Programs to be emphasized are those that will enhance their quality of life. Every effort will be Biblically-based and be limited to scientifically proven approaches, not delving into pseudo-religious alternatives. HELP will eventually focus on the individual and introduce him to a life that is personally related to Christ.

  • HELP aims to have a core group of health workers in every local church attending to the needs of the members. These church members will be trained in promotive, preventive and simple curative health care services and in first aid/ emergency intervention.
  • HELP aims to have in every home a household health worker who will be able to monitor family health status using Health Data Board. HELP will be able to identify possible interventions for any health problems existing.
  • HELP aims to prepare the local church to lead and/or participate in community-wide health care initiatives and advocacies.
  • HELP‘s end goal is the improved health status of the community by implementing the HELP program and strategies.


  • H– Health Information on Promotive and Preventive Care
  • E– Evangelism and Leadership activity
  • L– Low Cos t Curative and Emergency Care
  • P– Participatory activity of church people

Churches and Institutions Served by MAP

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