Operation Samaria 2017: Daluyan

After several years of praying, God opened a door for MAP to go beyond its borders and reach out to the southernmost part of Palawan Island. This was also the first time that Operation Samaria reached out to one of the M tribes in the country, the Molbog tribe. They are an M cultural minority, categorized as Folk Islam or Islam with animistic and superstitious beliefs.
This year’s OS theme is “Daluyan”, pertaining to a vessel, more commonly a cup or a basin. This denotes any instrument which can be used to hold, carry or accomplish a purpose, particularly with the notion of conveying or communicating. Acts 9:15 says, “But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel.” God chose Paul to be His vessel to bear His name to the people who don’t know Him. We, this present generation, are like Paul. We are God’s chosen vessel to infuse God’s grace and to bear His name across the border of our own comfort zones — to all the unreached people groups, so that His name will be made known.
We praise God for the 13 team members who were challenged and responded to the call to go to the Molbogs, despite the distant location, cultural differences, security risk, and anxiety. Our team was composed of 3 medical doctors, 3 dentists, 3 nurses, 2 medical students and 2 from education-related professions.

Daluyan Team

Our stay in the community was a blessed and a fruitful one. We saw how God moved in everyone’s lives. All throughout our stay, God taught us to be more prayerful, thankful, and flexible for the things He wanted us to do, to be more sensitive to His leading and to be more dependent on Him. There were times that we felt hesitant to share the gospel because it might put our security at risk but God allowed us to finish our mission so that His Name and purpose was made known to others who are lost. Indeed, God’s plan is better than ours.

We were able to share Isa Almassih during our last day of teaching several classes to 37 youth, 75 children to whom we also conducted a child-to-child health care training and 10 adults who attended a 3-day health class. We were also able to distribute 100 packs of hygiene kits and 36 dental kits to the youth and children and 30 first aid kits to the adults.

We praise God for the people we reached through the medical/dental missions and daily check-ups
Medical Mission 1: Dental – 68;Medical – 191
Clinics: Day 1 – 31 (May 26), Day 2 – 20 (May 27), Day 3 – 15 (May 28)
Medical Mission 2 at Municipal: Medical – 120
Seeing how God worked from the very start of the preparations of OS, during OS and among our team members’ lives after OS, God really impressed in me the message to be still and know that He is God.
On behalf of OS 2017 “Daluyan”, we thank God for everyone who supported us not just financially, but journeyed with us in prayer. To God be the Glory!
by Chela Mequila, OS 2017 Director
Photos by http://www.zeynafuang.com/

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