Sipit Ladies ( Cristina, Elizabeth, Elsa, and Mary Jane of Sito Sipit Saburan, Oriental Mindoro)

I call them the “Sipit Ladies”.  They are Cristina, Elizabeth, Elsa, and Mary Jane. They were the first volunteers of MAP when we reached Sitio Sipit Saburan way back 2009.  We’ve shared so many memories in the village-from achievements to disappointments. When we were in Manila they were the ones looking after the Health Center and volunteered to continue our feeding program for 80 children who are malnourished.  I’ve seen their passionate heart for service. They are in their 20s, yet they’ve seen the need for transformation starting within themselves. They attended all the health classes and leadership training we have conducted and finished the curriculum as Primary Health Care advocates in their village. They also joined the village health committee and now acting as program facilitators in their village. Their first program is managing a small “botika” (pharmacy)in their village. They are tasked to give health teaching and record all the diseases they’ve encountered. People are now trusting them in giving home management, they even call them for home services when the family doesn’t know what to do with their sick family member. These ladies shared to me their hardships in serving their people but by God’s grace and the affirmation and the encouragement they are receiving from MAP, they still go on. Trusting Jesus,  one day their hard work will produce fruits of transformation. We are blessed by their lives, service, and commitment. We pray to God that He will keep these ladies pure in heart and that they will grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Cristina, Elizabeth, Elsa, and Mary Jane

by: Paul Bañas, RN

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