Reaching The Bangon Tribe of Mindoro

It has been a prayer of MAP to serve a least-reached people group here in the Philippines. When MAP learned about the Mangyan tribe having 8 sub groups and one of them has no viable church yet, MAP started to pray for this tribe .

Bangon tribe of Sitio Linyama and Sitio Pawa

The Bangon Mangyans live along the Bongabon river called Binagaw and the surrounding mountains in the municipalities of Bongabong, Bansud, and Gloria in Oriental Mindoro.
The Bangon Mangyans have their own culture, language and writing system, different to the other tribes in Oriental Mindoro, and asserted they be considered the seventh major tribe – not a sub-tribe of the Tau-buid. In a March 28, 1996 meeting with Buhid Mangyans in Ogom Liguma, they decided to accept the word Bangon for their tribe. []
Sitio Linyama

Last April, MAP team together with volunteers from different churches, they visited one of the village of Bangon tribe and conducted a medical mission. This is just a start of our ministry to them. We are  still praying for more partners to reach this tribe.
medical mission

medical mission

Here is a short video:
[wpvideo FBuQVd9I]
photos and video by Zeyn Afuang

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