The Oldest Health Worker of MAP.(David Lengoyna of Brgy, Jacmal, Aguinaldo Ifugao)

David Lengoyna, or “Uncle David” as we fondly call him, is the oldest living Barangay Health Worker in Aguinaldo, Ifugao. He is now 80 years old. He served his community with MAP in the 1970s. If there is one person to tell the Hilgendorf clinic history, Uncle David is the best person to ask.

Uncle David, the oldest BHW of MAP

From Day 1 up to the present, he’s been part of MAP’s Hilgendorf Clinic history in Aguinaldo, Ifugao. Uncle David is not a medical practitioner and he only had his elementary education yet it did not hinder him to volunteer with MAP. He wanted to serve the Lord as a BHW.  Being the only male to volunteer at that time, it didn’t matter to him as long as he is serving the Lord. It was also beneficial for the female BHWs that Uncle David was around so when they got pregnant, Uncle David was the one to do their work. He volunteered with a stipend of Php 50.00 quarterly yet he didn’t mind the monetary value. He loved his job. He assisted the nurses and doctors by translating the medication instruction in Ifugao dialect. He was trained by MAP and worked with Dr. Eli Sarmiento. They set up a mini clinic at Brgy. Tapno. Later on, the Barangay Captain suggested putting up the clinic in Brgy. Jacmal. Through the financial help of the Hilgendorfs, the clinic was born.
The restored Hilgendorf Clinic

It was Sept.30, 1975 that Hilgendorf Clinic was inaugurated and from then on Uncle David never ceased to volunteer with the different doctors and nurses assigned in the clinic. He also recalled that with the help of a MAP pastor, he was counseled regarding his family life. The Word of God enlightened him and taught him to obey His Word. After decades passed, the clinic was abandoned and he was disheartened to see the Hilgendorf clinic decaying- tall weeds covering the whole area. So he asked the council man, Fidel Biogan, to accompany him to Manila to look for MAP office and appeal to them to save the clinic. On 2011, they bravely faced the fast-paced life in the city and patiently waited to talk to Ma’am Alice and Dr. Jun. His heart’s desire was to rebuild the clinic. He wanted to redeem the beauty of this clinic that the ministry will continue. After two months, MAP visited their municipality and discussed with the leaders regarding the plan.
Uncle David with his wife Nanay Emiliana, Nurse Dahlia, and Selbert

After long years of prayer and courage to face the unknown, this man of faith is now reaping the answers to his prayers. In God’s perfect time, MAP Hilgendorf clinic is now operating and still on-going reconstruction. Praise God for a good partnership with the LGU and other people who desired to glorify God by giving. Uncle David will not forget how MAP showed love by giving. He prayed this to continue, that God’s love will be translated into action. It took a small step of faith, a lot of hope, and courageous man to restart and continue the work of the Lord in Aguinaldo, Ifugao. He is uncle David, our dearly loved “uncle” of the Hilgendorf Memorial Clinic.
by: Dahlia Eduarte-Astrera, RN

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