OVERFLOW 2016: A Christmas Gift-giving to the Tribes

More than a year ago,  the term “Overflow” was coined for Christmas celebration in our field areas. This started in Sitio Singawan, Aurora. Overflow talks about Jesus’ outpouring love being manifested to people through His children in the areas we serve and the overflow of God’s blessing to us to bless others.
We celebrated Jesus with the Aeta tribe in Tarlac Province and Dumagat tribe in Aurora Province last December. We saw the need of building sanitary toilets and potable water system in the Aeta community, thus we decided to raise funds for this and make this a Christmas gift for them. We were just able to build one sanitary toilet and water filtration system due to time constraints. We will build the remaining toilets this 2017.

community participation

Tatay patiently planing the cement

Hooray for clean water!

water filtration system

the team with Aeta community finishing the toilet

After the busy and tiring days have passed, we fellowshipped with the community over spaghetti. The kids were ecstatic!
The kids came for more spaghetti!

Games with Ate Chela

Nurse Oliver sharing the love of Jesus to the kids.

The following week, we went to Aurora Province to celebrate Overflow. We will conduct Dental Mission for them but due to unfortunate events, it didn’t push thru. The weather was not also good that time, the river is high with raging currents due to non-stop raining the past days. Despite this situation, we celebrated Christmas with the Dumagats and Tagalogs. We thank God for a sunny weather that day. They just wished to receive an apple and orange this Christmas, yet they received more! It was really wonderful to see their smiling faces as we fellowship with them. More so, the joy they have received as we shared the love of Jesus .
Crossing the raging currents of Umiray river

Community people coming in for the celebration

Oh, their happy faces!

Games with Nurse Anj

Praising Jesus with Nurse Cris

Nurse Paul sharing Jesus’ love to the people

Apples, oranges, and hygiene kit

Apples and oranges

Ma’am Alice giving out the gifts

Thank you for sharing your blessings!

We thank everyone who shared their blessings to bless our beloved communities. Truly they experienced the love of Jesus through you!
Photos by JC Privado

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