Abra De Ilog, Occidental Mindoro

Abra de Ilog is politically subdivided into 10 barangays. The newest barangay, Santa Maria was created in 2014 from Wawa. Wawa is a barangay of Abra de Ilog municipality in the province of Occidental Mindoro in MIMAROPA which is still part of southern Luzon. According to the sitio people, Sitio Bagolayag is divided into five areas namely: Rekudo, Silangan, Area (Proper), Dapdap and Pandanan.

The municipality of Abra de Ilog with a population of about 31, 306 and its 10 barangays belong to the partly urban areas in the Philippines. Based on latest NSO data, Barangay Cabacao had the highest population and Sta Maria with the lowest. Residents are mostly Tagalogs. This is about 73.47% of the individuals surveyed. Around 21% are Mangyans and the remaining 4.82% are Ilokanos, Warays, Visayans and Bicolanos.
                                                                           Source: Abra de Ilog Community Diagnosis, MAP, Inc.                               
MAP started the community work in Sitio Rekudo and Pandanan through a partnership with Ministry of Christ the True Vine Philippines (MCTV). Missionary efforts especially among Mangyan Indigents have already been established in the communities through church planting initiatives of MCTV Phils.
Church Based Health Education for Lay People
CB-HELP among church leaders and local pastors was implemented from November 2013 to December 2015. We were able to train 15 Family Health Workers (FHWs) that will continue the health programs of MAP in the Mangyan Communities.
Operation Samaria 2014: Paranawan
Sitio Rekudo, Dapdap and Pandanan was selected as the location for OS 2014. It happened along the coastal areas of Abra de Ilog. Primarily inhabited by Iraya Mangyan Fishermen, the participants had the taste of crossing a very unique culture as they had to live with these people group for 12 days. Three teams were assigned in Rekudo, Dapdap, and Pandanan. Each area is unique in its own setting. Aside from being a missions mobilization activity among the participants, this medical trip also aimed to help the target communities in tangible ways. This also serves as an opportunity for MAP to: assess the current health needs of the communities and plan a long-term intervention with MCTV and community people.

Table 1: Total Number of Patients Served through OS 2014

Future MAP programs
-Monitoring and Evaluation Activities
-Refresher Courses for FHWs
-Leadership Training and Capacity Building
-KAIROS Course
MAP Partners, supporters in the community
-MCTV Mindoro (Pastor Boni Pineda)
-RHU (Dr. Corazon Bernabe, MHO)
-MCTV Philippines and Signal Hill California
-Individual Partners
Mission Exposure Opportunities

  • Regular field visits of MAP staff for Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Refresher Courses for FHWs
  • Leadership Training and Capacity Building
  • Short Term Mission trips;
    • “Paghakbang”, a yearly mission exposure organized by MCTV Phils Missions Committee,
    • “Overflow”, Christmas gift giving trip organized by MAP Inc


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