Christmas Gift-giving to the Tribes

It’s the most awaited season of the year. We see people coming home to their families, reunions being set, people started forgiving, people show their love thru giving, and people show they are blessed by helping those who are poor and neglected.
We are blessed to minister among the indigenous people of Aeta, Dumagat, Ifugao, and Mangyans for the past 5 years of our ministry. This time, we want to bless them through our small efforts of giving them pairs of slippers, noche buena pack, and hygiene kit for every family.

A lot of us were blessed by God and it is right for us to give it back to Him through giving and extending our blessings to the people.
If you feel blessed this year, give back and pay it forward by blessing others. Advocate our cause of bringing the true meaning of Christmas- that is giving.
Thank you very much! May you be blessed!

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