Restoring the Hilgendorf Memorial Clinic

Two decades ago, going to Bunhian will take a day journey. You have to catch the first and the last trip going to Bunhian. A world war 2 type of public transport which will drive you for one day to bring you to Bunhian , then hike for 4 hours to the clinic. If you don’t catch it, a day hike from Ubao, stay overnight at Mr Lamag’s ( retired principal  Aguinaldo National Highschool) place in Bunhian, then early the following morning another  2 to 3 hrs hike  to the clinic…Today, good news, it’s already cemented from Ubao, the first barangay of Aguinaldo  to Jacmal, site of the clinic.



Slide6 Slide7 Slide23 Slide18 Slide19 Slide20 Slide21 Slide22 Slide17 Slide16 Slide15 Slide14 Slide13 Slide8 Slide10I still remember, when I was assigned as a very young and novice MAP nurse, the clinic was like a white tower building  sitting on top of the hill where everyday is full pack with patients coming from different barangays of Aguinaldo. This clinic was utilized for thirty years. In the late 90’s it was being visited at least once a year by MAP nurses and at the same time conduct refresher training for BHWs trained by MAP.

Slide11 Slide12 Slide9*Pastor Ray Calupig is the husband of MAP worker, Tess Calupig.

Slide24 Slide25 Slide26 Slide4Auntie Mary, the niece of Nana Inggaten, who donated the land  to MAP where the HMC  is located. She was very happy that we came back to restore the clinic for the people of Aguinaldo. Dr. Eli Sarmiento ( MAP President Emeritus) and MAP team were excited to put up the dental clinic, laboratory, minor surgery  and center for CB-HELP training institute. At least every year Dr. Eli and volunteers from USA  were rendering medical/surgical/dental mission service and Church Relations activities in Aguinaldo. The HMC has been  the  venue for Operation Samaria ( Yearly Mission Exposure Program for medical/nursing  students and professionals )  in 2003, 2004 and 2010.

Slide3Uncle David Lingoyna, the oldest BHW trained by MAP and been active from 1988-2000’s. He visited MAP office  to bring the request of the people of Aguinaldo  to restore the HMC and to serve Aguinaldo and nearby towns.


Doctors and Nurses assigned in HMC, Aguinaldo Ifugao

Dr. Eleazar and Elma Sarmiento

Dr. Gideon Regalado

Dr. Stephen Lim

Dr. Jonathan Quimpo

Dr. Phoebe Uy

Dr. Mythyl Vallajera

Dr. Rene Sison

Dr. Max Bermudez

Dr Alex Chan

Dr. Pedro Banas

Dr. Orlando de Ocampo

Nurses/Midwife: ( not in order of years  they served in HMC) 

Lourdez  Teresa Asprec                   Lilian R. Wong

Presciosa Caronongan                   Ruth R. Gonzales

Fe Juralbal                                       Chona E. Montalban

Dr. Marvin Basco                           Pastor James Jaoquin

Joy M. Basco                                   Bogs Nabehet

Vangie B. Jimenez                          Eden Presentation

Graal Yamashita                           Fely Garcia

Fely P. Yamada                              Vangie Manochon

Leila   A. Sarmiento                       Jenny A. Stuart

Alma  Sarmiento                          Tita Abdon

Mila K.Borje                                  Virgie de Ocampo

Millet Chalmas Olojan                  Mario Cabuena

Luz Lacerna                                    Janet Castro  ( D)

Loida R. Dimapilis                         Emily Milan

Alicia  T. Banas                             Teresita Calupig

Report prepared by:

Alicia T. Banas

Tess Calupig

Oliver Yanos

Ira Banas

Thanks to Pastor Ray Calupig’s  camera.

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