Mobilization and Partnership Development

” Partners are important in our ministry, especially in medical missions. We often take for granted the partners that we have in life-at work, in the marketplace, and in the ministry. The tendency for us is to receive commendations, awards, and compliments for ourselves. We forget that we did not do it by ourselves. God had planned to give us partners to accomplish the work that He had given us”

– Dr. Eli Sarmiento, founder 

We mobilize and partner with churches , organizations, and individuals for the furtherance of the ministry.


We provide MEDICAL-SURGICAL-DENTAL-OPTICAL MISSIONS together with partner individuals and churches to the communities needing health assistance. We also respond to emergency situations brought by disasters and calamities.

Should you wish to partner with us in conducting a medical mission to your community or church, email us so we can provide you more information.

med mission



We mobilize people by providing training courses regarding world missions such as KAIROS COURSE and HARVEST CONNECTION with partner organizations and churches.





We mobilize individuals such as health professionals and students by exposing them to missions. We conduct OPERATION SAMARIA, a yearly mission exposure during summer for individuals who has a heart to serve.


Operation Samaria 2014


Operation Samaria 2015











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