Churches and Institutions Served by MAP

  1. United Methodist Church, South and North District, Ilocos Sur
  2. Payatas A, Quezon City-Payatas Day Care & Feeding Center
  3. IRM Taguig, Beyond Our Walls Ministry
  4. God Our Savior Grace-Bohol
  5. Dingalan Christian Church-Aurora Province
  6. UCCP Cosmopolitan Church of Manila
  7. Quiapo Islamic Center
  8. Food for the Hungry Philippines
  9. Philippine Institute of Quezon City
  10. Light Christian Academy
  11. Word of Life-Laguna
  12. International Baptist Church-Makati
  13. Romblon,Romblon-12 churches
  14. Ifugao Academy-Highschool- Julongan, Kiangan Ifugao
  15. Mandaluyong Gospel Church
  16. Laos
  17. Kalimantan, Indonesia
  18. BOLFI Workers- Sarangani Islands
  19. Sama Bangingi Tribes- Zamboanga
  20. Caubian Island, Lapu Lapu City
  21. CCF Mindanao-3 churches
  22. Upper Polangi Eastern Bukidnon- 6 churches
  23. Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental- 8 churches
  24. South Gospel Fundamental Baptist Church- 9 churches
  25. North Gospel Fundamental Baptist Church- 19 churches
  26. Camiguin Gospel Team- 3 churches
  27. Central Baptist Church- 20 churches
  28. Talakag Fundamental Baptist Church- 18 churches
  29. COLA, Kalilangan Pangantukan- 9 churches
  30. Cagayan de Oro Methodist Church- 2 churches
  31. Salaam Ministries- 7 churches
  32. Tagbilaran Bohol- 9 churches
  33. Maramag, FBC- 8 churches
  34. Simang Lanan, FBC- 3 churches
  35. Don Carlos, FBC- 8 churches
  36. Laguitas Central Bukidnon, FBC- 14 churches
  37. Bethel Baptist Church, Mabinay Negros Occidental- 13 churches

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Medical Ambassadors Philippines, Inc.

Transforming Communities through God's Love and Holistic Care

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